About me

She was free in her wildness.
She was a wanderess, a drop of free water.
She belonged to no man and no city.

– Roman Payne, The Wanderess

After I knew for certain that I would spend the next couple of months in India for my internship, I finally found the courage to start writing my own blog. Since I spent ten months in France before and do not plan to take a flight back to Germany in the near future, but instead explore the world a little bit more, I decided that it’s either now or never, at least if I want to built the blog around my favourite topic: Travelling.

At the moment I try to develop my personal way of writing, with family and friends being my main audience. However, everyone who is interested in me doing my first baby-steps as a solo traveller is most welcome to follow this blog. Maybe some day I will be able to give some good advice after all… 😉

Until then, enjoy being part of my crazy-confused approach with all its detours of growing into this person I finally want to become. Even the things that won’t work out will end up as a good story – Which is why I decided to live every day with a smile on my face!

Bisous, Jana

Beijing 2013

PS: Well, this photo is actually quite old… 😉 Beijing 2013

Read also where I’ve been so far.


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