Exploring North East III – Khajuraho

Take your pleasure seriously. – Charles Eames

Our last stop was Khajuraho, where we arrived early morning by train and booked a cab for the day to drive us around and bring us to the railway station in the evening, as the one where we could take a train to Mumbai from was 120km away. Initially I found out about this place because a friend in France told me about it, and there are various reasons why the temples located there are worth a visit. Not only is the whole complex beautiful to look at, also the scenes depicted in the engraving are quite special. It is needless to explain more once you saw the pictures… Last hint: The temples are colloquially called “Kamasutra Tempels”… 😉

Now this is where the FSK16 part starts… 😉

And finally our own interpretation and random photoshoots of the scenes shown here…

After a day full of fun and laughter it was unfortunately time to say goodbye to Krishna and to head home to Pune. As we didn’t manage to arrange a train ticket for Sonja, we tried travelling the Indian way… And although we didn’t really feel well rested after this train drive over night (that again was accompanied by a lot of stares from Indian men, one of our admirers you can actually spot in the pictures 😉 ) I would rate it as an interesting and funny experience. 😀


Jana 🙂


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