Goa – from Old Goa to Arambol Beach

A smooth sea never made a skillful sailor. – Unknown

Just five days after I came back from my trip to the North Dustin and me decided to go to Goa spontaneously – taking a sleeper bus Friday evening and heading back Sunday night, in order to arrive back in Pune Monday morning with enough time to take a shower and go back to work again.

I will try to keep this entry short and let the pictures speak for themselves.

A typical Goa stay is usually characterised by lots of parties, drugs and alcohol – many Russians tend to come here, and everyone would approach us in Russian instead of English. Quite a nice change for me, as I am a fan of the language and got the chance to throw two or three words back. 😉

Anyways, we didn’t do drugs and didn’t really party, in fact both of us were kind of exhausted after a long week in office. On top of that, I was still suffering from a tremendous lack of sleep due to my latest travels, and knowing how hard Monday would be in office…


Instead, we added another pleasant experience – paragliding! Both of us went for the first time, and I can only explain it by my lack of sleep that I wasn’t scared when it came to run towards the edge of the cliff even though my buddy needed three attempts to get it right. 😀 But it was fantastic! At least for a first try, I was fascinated by the experience and the view up there… (For experienced paragliders, of course, there might be better places to go to.) I would definitely try it again, a longer flight from a higher cliff sounds pretty great to me!

Beach, sunburn, paragliding, Fort Aguada, Old Goa, fish thali, swimming in the sea (I have to admit I was not too fond of the waves, as one covered me completely when I didn’t expect it and took my sunglasses with it… 😉 ), driving on the scooter, banana lassi, more banana lassi… One last highlight to mention was our way to the paragliding spot, located at a beach called “Sweet Lake”. There was no official way, instead we hat to climb over rocks and walk through water in order to get there – and again I got completely soaked because of a wave splashing water at me. Cheers! 😀


Jana ❤



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