Heading North IV – Jodphur, the Blue City

If you’re not lost, you haven’t traveled far enough away from home. – Frank Lenz

I arrived in Jodhpur after a six hours ride in a sleeper bus, which is always exciting in the sense that usually neither the driver nor the conductor will speak English, combined with the fact that you never know the point where they’ll drop you off in advance – and even the announcements of the next stop are

Small and cosy upper bed in the sleeper bus… 😉

1) super difficult to understand, as the way they shout the name of the bus stop is optimised in a way that it is nearly impossible to differ between the different syllables

2) not always loud enough to wake you up from your sweet dreams.

To make it even worse, I didn’t even know where I would want to get off the bus… neither did I have enough battery on my phone to check my location via GPS and google maps, which is usually what I do in order to survive. Plus my expected arrival time was scheduled for 4 am… Bummer! 😀

With the help of the really friendly bus driver and my Couchsurfing host that agreed to pick me up we still managed somehow. I took a nap at my host’s place and explored the city with him later on. While I saw the fort and some palace from the outside, we unfortunately forgot about the spot where the third part of the Batman movies was filmed…

My personal highlight, however, was when I took the time to explore the local bazar, where I took a lot of pictures, bargained with super nice merchants, talked to the locals, searched for some trousers and a leather bag (unsuccessfully), had the famous omelette you get near the clock tower and roamed around the small streets nearby.

I left Jodhpur with many things unseen and undone, and together with the really pretty local market this gives me a perfect excuse to come back one day. Again, as my leave days from work are limited, I left in the evening by train in order to reach Jaisalmer in the middle of the night. As I couldn’t find my coach (yap….) I ended up spending the four hours in the train with some French guys that I met at the platform before… Having a hard time travelling alone, and an amazing time making all these new acquaintances! 😉


Jana ❤


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