Matheran – Off the Beaten Track

I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be. – Douglas Adams

Another weekend, another trip. Finally we made it to Matheran, a hill station famous for three things:

  1. It’s the smallest hill station in Maharashtra
  2. It has a toy train taking you around
  3. There are plenty of horses that you can rent in order to explore the surroundings

We neither rented a horse nor did we take the toy train – actually after we arrived at this place after hours in the car we felt more like moving around on our own feet. This time a friend of us drove, and although I feel completely fine on a scooter in Indian traffic, if it would have been me behind the wheel, for sure I would have started crying and rejected to take us any meter further in various moments. Taking U-turns in traffic jams, speed breakers, holes in the roads, winding streets and tiny parking slots really complicated this whole journey…

Apart from one guy, who literally stood half a meter in front of me and stared at me as if I would be some kind of alien –which I considered kind of rude- the whole “how to get there”-torture really paid off: The area was big enough that at some point, we ended up nearly alone at one of the most beautiful places around (Louisa Point), which was maybe linked to the fact that we took a really… ahm… apparently not so frequently used path, leading us through some “jungle” with bushes, grasses and plants covering everything that might have been a way in the past. Indiana Jones adventure feeling!

Our efforts were rewarded: First of all, as it is monsoon season right now, the hills were shining in bright green colours, as the trees and other plants covering them brimmed over with strength. Plus, again because of the frequent rain, waterfalls would appear everywhere, running down the hills in milk-white colour. Third, scenic fog covered parts of the hills and the valleys, giving it a mystic atmosphere.

When we were there, it rained only once for a couple of minutes – However, I guess our Indian friends enjoyed the rainy part more than anything else. While the German girls were hiding under the trees, the guys enjoyed the rain on the clearing, facing it directly while not even wearing rain jackets (at least the majority). After roaming around a bit more, taking some selfies and dramatic photoshoots, we had to head back, as it turned dark already. On the way down, the fog became incredibly dense so that one was unable to identify the narrow street winding down the hill in front of us … No big deal, as being in India means putting your life in other people’s hands nearly every day – however, I’m thankful for the fact that it worked out another time. 😉

Sitting in the car on our way back I felt perfectly at ease. Finally I explored another part of India that I would have probably never seen if I haven’t moved to Pune. I collected more awesome memories with friends that I wouldn’t have met if… Well, you got the point 😉 What I wanted to say is that I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to be here, to experience so many moments that make me smile when I think back… I feel like I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be right now.




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