Pune’s Surroundings – On the Road

A truly happy person is one who can enjoy the scenery while on a detour – Anonymous

I didn’t post anything for a while now but actually Saturday turned out to be a day I would like to share with you. What started as a decent trip turned out to be a collection of chaotic incidents that left me with sunburn, a hurting butt and back as well as a big fat grin on my face every time I recap this day.

Spontaneously we decided to meet at noon in order to head together towards the Mayureshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, roughly 70km one way from our starting point (which equals at least 1.5h on scooter/bike). After figuring out who is going on which bike together, we ended up with two bikes, one scooter and six people equally distributed on all the vehicles. I chose to go with one of my Indian friends in the back of his bike – which of course didn’t have mirrors. 😉 So far so good.

First we lost the others as they were stopping at a petrol station without us noticing it (quite difficult to continuously check what’s happening behind without those mirrors). This one was actually easy, we just stopped, waited for them, and continued.

Without knowing the exact way we were then continuing to drive in front of the others – of course taking a wrong turn and losing them again. Subsequently we had to make a huge detour, got stuck in a traffic jam, called the others that headed on already and started to chase after them. Approximately 40min later we finally found them on the highway (as their pace was limited due to the scooter among them, you can imagine how long our detour took us 😀 )

For a short moment we celebrated our reunion, smiling and waving at each other, while driving further ­­­– until a couple of minutes later we noticed that this time “team scooter” was somehow missing behind us. A second later I got a call: The scooter broke, they had to stop and will need a mechanic.

As we didn’t notice at what point we lost them exactly, we decided to split up. My friend wanted to check on them, so I stayed with my friends from the other bike – now being stuck as well since we couldn’t really move anywhere with only one bike (with two German girls and one Indian guy, we were just not badass enough. Plus even with two people a bike is really not the most comfortable thing to sit on after an hour of driving). Lucky enough there was some restaurant-thingy on the opposite side of the street, where we spend the next hour with some food and soft drinks. Apparently there was a mechanic right in the village where the scooter stopped, who somehow fixed it so that we finally could celebrate another reunion.

Officially there was half an hour more to go, and we were curious whether the scooter would survive this. Indeed it did, and we reached our final destination 3.5h (!) after we left.

I wish I could say that what we found at our final destination would have compensated us for all the trouble before…

Already while Google Maps told me we would come closer, I was wondering why the landscape around us looked so dull. Bare surfaces decorated with some trees every now and then, one could overview the whole area. And with only three street dogs and six horses, the wildlife was actually even less spectacular then in my direct neighborhood in Pune (20+ dogs, at least 10 horses, goats, cows, some cats and sometimes camels…).

We didn’t even stay long enough for me to realize that I should take a picture of this place. Instead we headed back, took a short stop at our beloved Bhuleshwar Temple again, so that at least the guys would have seen something new and cool, and ended our trip in a nice restaurant. Furthermore, it turned out that the scooter would not accelerate properly anymore and has to be fixed again as well as that all our butts will need some recovery from these seats, streets and speed breakers tonight. 😀

This day turned out to be definitely more about the journey then about the destination, but I still enjoyed every part of it. Instead of becoming desperate about all the incidents I chose to laugh about the whole story – It was just like we would have been part in a comedy soap. Plus I really enjoyed going fast on this bike! The friend I went with already offered to teach me how to drive one, so hopefully I can report soon about my first attempts to survive on a proper bike! 😉




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