Pune’s Sourroundings – Nothing Seems Impossible

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. – Helen Keller

There are so many things happening here in Pune that it is impossible to write about all of them – In general I start to realise that India as a whole is nothing you can easily put in words, if at all. This country is so big, so diverse, so beautiful – it offers everything and the only real problem is to settle down for some ideas while deciding against others. As I started the planning of my trips I felt just lost at some point – from beaches over mountains to forests and deserts, nothing seems impossible in India. It just lets me fall in love with this country more and more.

So as I spent a huge part of my Saturday doing research on where to go, there was only little time for exploring new stuff. However, we finally made it to Aga Khan Palace, a famous sight here in Pune. Although one could have been a little disappointed by the Gandhi exhibition (Gandhi was interned in the palace from 1942 to 1944), I decided to like it. Also our caretaker Harish accompanied us, which made the short trip a bit more special to me – He is the good soul in our apartment.

On Sunday then we went in total more than 100 km on scooter to Bhuleshwar temple – not a very popular one among tourists, which made the whole experience even better (In fact, I guess we were the only tourists there. 😉 ) After chasing our poor scooters up the hill, we were rewarded with an amazing view over the surrounding valley as well as an majestic Hindu temple dating back to the 13th century. It is said that Parvati danced there for Shiva and that from there they went to Kailash and got married. The walls are decorated with classical carvings and I could have spent ages there looking around, even though the whole temple was not tremendously big but charming instead. I should have just thought of bringing different shoes, with my new sneakers I didn’t feel quite comfortable leaving them outside the temple… 😀

What I learned on the way coming and going from the temple is basically one thing: You can do everything on a scooter. A friend that was with us would text on his phone, drink coke and smoke a cigarette while driving. Also, he took a nice selfie of all of us while we were riding our scooters on the highway, and we saw two men that would carry a goat in between them on the scooter – the latter looking quite relaxed and if it would enjoy the ride.

Last but not least, apart from trying some more street food (no risk, no fun!) I finally found my favourite drink over here: Mastani! I wanted to try it already for a while now, but it turned out to be quite difficult to find a place where to get it. It is some kind of milkshake with fresh juice inside, topped with ice cream and dried fruits/nuts – a speciality of Pune. A-W-E-S-O-M-E!

I’m in love with this country already and couldn’t be happier to spend some more months here. And the serious travelling didn’t even start yet…!




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