Pune – Hunting for Adventures

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open. – Jawaharial Nehru

I decided on this quote since this time I had to literally search for an adventure as we didn’t plan a trip or anything for last weekend, except from the farewell party of my roomie ( 😦 ). But best plans are those created spontaneously, so our little entertainment program turned out to reveal me another side of India, similar to what one imagines when sitting in some European country in front of the TV and following a documentation about this fascinating country.

Our chosen destination was Pune center, completely ignoring the fact that there would be some pilgrimage-festival thing going on, which resulted in stuffed streets as soon as we came closer to our first destination – Ganapati Temple. Since the street was completely blocked at some point, we somehow forced our scooters into a small gap between uncountable other scooters at the side of the road, decided to walk the last meters and squeezed our way through hundreds of people, rickshaws, scooters and cars until we stood in front of the temple.

What we saw was a nice temple that we could unfortunately not enter as many Indians came there to pray. What 80% of the other people saw – and considered as the much bigger attraction – was us. 😉

We ended up with some tilaka on our foreheads and cheeks, some rupees less in our pockets, some more pictures taken by and of us, a family trying to convince us to go with them to another temple and three or four small boys following us and begging for a picture. Unfortunately we couldn’t allow it, as shortly before we came into a similar situation: we agreed to take a photo with one men and were immediately encircled by other people asking for the same – us being in the middle struggling to escape the mass again.

This weird feeling of being a celebrity followed by paparazzi continued at our second stop, Shaniwar Wada, a fortification of which large parts burned down in 1828 and which is now said to be haunted by the victims of the fire. We took a lot of photos of the remaining walls, people took a lot of pictures of us, we took photos of them taking photos of us, some took pictures with us, some asked and some were just standing next to us and would tell their friends to quickly take a picture of us together. However, we sadly couldn’t identify a ghost.

In conclusion I have to emphasize that we laughed a lot the whole time. This crowded, charming place gave at least me the feeling that I finally experienced some Indian chliché, as I didn’t travel to popular touristic cities yet. Also it was our last adventure together, before I had to wave goodbye to my roomie early Tuesday morning, and it was a lovely last trip to share. 🙂



PS: In case you wonder why I didn’t explore more – I finally found out how to lose weight in India! Unfortunately this special diet includes an upset stomach that is haunting me since Saturday… Which is seriously no fun and spoiled the farewell party for me as well. The freshly pressed sugar can juice might have been the last straw… 😉

PPS: Thank you Pascal and Filip for everything! ❤


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