Pune – Chalo! (Let’s Go!)

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

It has been one week ago that I left this so-called comfort zone of mine (Germany) and entered this plane that would take me to India. And even though it is hard to make a final judgement after seven days only, I am at least able to honestly say that I feel perfectly comfortable here. I don’t remember myself smiling and laughing as much as I did here every single day during the last week, I expected so much less but encountered so much more than I could have ever imagined: I love the people here, I enjoy the work and time I spend in office, I found myself in the middle of awesome colleagues that made me feel welcome from the very first second, I learned to love the Indian traffic and I didn’t feel alone even for a minute. The only thing I suffered from was a lack of sleep due to the fact that we went out every evening, which is really nothing I would ever complain about – It has been an ideal start here.

After some rather complicated registration procedures I was ready to start my life here in India, which included: Trying the local coconut, having some mosambi (sweet lime) juice, drinking some Indian liquor (and suffering from the obligatory headache afterwards), eating various local dishes, which ingredients mainly included chicken, onions and garlic – I also tried the true Indian chapatti (however, I liked the one in Uganda better, so I rather go for the naan here) and had a rice dish called “Poha” various times for breakfast (!). And of course I found my first local friends, which is probably the best part.

However, honestly said, by being here I probably cut my life expectation by one or two years: My lifestyle turned out to be rather unhealthy so far, and I guess the healthiest food I had during the past week was a pizza with slices of tomatoes on it (which is the consequence if you spend too much time with men that are too lazy to cook) … Walking distances are also limited to the way from the nearest scooter parking slot to the elevator /office /apartment, I do not even have to clean (thanks to our caretaker) and the dirt here (in the air, on the ground, everywhere) is probably adding the rest. Not forgetting those itching mosquito bites… But to be a bit cheesy again: It’s the life in your years that count, not the years in your life. 😉 And since I got a gym and a pool, I will add some workout to my everyday life once there is finally one evening with nothing going on.

Monsoon has not yet fully started, but every now and then, the amount of rain coming down from the sky can really spoil your plans. Still, I learned that Pune has very gentle weather compared to other regions in India, and that it is actually a quite decent place to live.

At this point I can definitely say that I am looking forward to the next couple of months. This place exceeded my expectations by far, and I know that this country and its people have a lot more to offer than the little stuff I saw up to now. So… Chalo!




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