Final Countdown

If your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.

Actually I found this quote just recently but quickly I realised that it is inspiring me in a way I didn’t expect it before. Naturally I have many dreams, small ones as well as tremendously big ones. There are also some among them, where possible consequences of realising them make me freak out like hell, arising doubts in me whether or not I should dare it. Now it seems like I found the answer (“Yes!”), but since I’m kind of into proverbs right now, I’ll add another one: You only regret the thinks you didn’t do.

Honestly said, living in India has never been a particular dream of mine – I was sure that I wanted to see this fascinating country one day somehow, but moving there has never been part of the plan.

Well, giving the fact that I found myself without any plan at all at the beginning of the year, this is nothing extraordinary. So India became the new plan for the next couple of months, offering me the chance to add another valuable experience to my life. People keep on telling me about all the dangers involved, but I decided that this is part of the deal – Dreams are allowed to scare you, and in the meantime, India became one of my dreams.

After saying goodbye to my family and friends at home, who made the past two weeks a wonderful time for me that passed by way too quickly, I am now looking forward to all the new, amazing and unique experiences that this step will give to me. I feel so blessed that I am able to live my life the way I want to, and that I got the support of all those people I love.

Now I decided on writing this blog for those, who wish to stay up to date and in touch, even though everyday life doesn’t always enable us to spend enough time on socialising personally. Also I wanted to try writing a blog already long ago, and now it seems like I finally found a topic. 😉

Bisous from Munich Airport,



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